Statement of work

Julie Maynard’s work is form of painting with paper on two- or three-dimensional surfaces, building up layers that incorporate objects picked up along the Potomac River and city streets.

The works on paper are collages of advertisements and illustrations torn from magazines and catalogues. Found objects often add texture and shadow lines.
Many of the three-dimensional pieces begin with a shape from nature— a bird, a leaf— cut from wood. Second and third layers of wood often include one which is painted and one which is an abstract shape.

Maynard is a member of The Artists’ Gallery in Frederick. The editor and publisher of two small weekly newspapers, she lives near Burkittsville.





snowy owl paper/paper
a v i m o r p h s
t e r r i t o r y

t r a i n w r e c k s


m y t h o l o g i c a l

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owl at sea
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