13 - what she sees
into the woods an old house lightning
sundrench putting distance maybe they came back
crossing water one year later maybe they were sorry
seen through only an empty clearing 12
what they saw


what she sees
Whatever the reason, it’s gone.  I am released.  Free to look around. 
There is a shed, the remains of a barn, the stone foundation of a springhouse.  I poke around the ordinary detritus of an abandoned farmstead and suddenly realize I am not alone.  I’m being watched by a fox who is sitting near the open door of the shed. We stare at each other for several minutes. 
I wonder what she sees.  And has seen.
Something was done here.  It was meant to be viewed, to have an effect.  But was that effect the result of calculation or accident?  Maybe the vandals were just bored kids, or maybe they set out to achieve something— even if it was just to shock the next person who came along... 
I may never be sure: was it good art or bad?

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